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Rock the River Race

Rock the River Race
Henry Hudson Drive

Half Marathon - The Palisades Half Marathon is a challenging but rewarding race. Run along the historic Henry Hudson Drive - one of the nation's first recognized scenic roads - as you ascend then descend the cliffs. With an elevation change of over 1200 feet, this course may be tough, but the setting makes it more than worth it!

5-K Race - The 5K is another beautiful race, with an elevation change of just over 200 feet up and down. Start at the Hudson River and head about halfway up the cliffs and back down to Ross Dock park.

6-K Trail Run & Walk - The 6K Trail Run & Walk is the newest addition to the race. In partnership with the NY-NJ Trail Conference, this component of Rock the River directly supports the preservation of the Palisades Cliffs. Walk, Hike, or Run the course along the beautiful Long Path up the cliffs, across the ridgeline, then back down to the river.

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