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Long Beach Island Commemorative 18 Mile Run

Long Beach Island Commemorative 18 Mile Run
4700 Long Beach Boulevard


In 1972, Bill Fitzpatrick, a Long Beach Island resident and Rutgers University track man, wanted to organize a race from one end of Long Beach Island to the other, just for fun.

That same year, 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by terrorists at the Munich Olympics. It was then, organizers decided to make it a commemorative
race, dedicating it to the memory of the slain athletes. A mile-marker, in honor of each Israeli athlete, is posted approximately every two miles along the race route, which runs from Holgate to Barnegat Light.

In remembrance of the events that occurred in the U.S. on September 11, 2001, the race is also dedicated to those who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack on our country. There are three mile-markers bearing the names of L.B.I. residents who lost their lives that day. Both events will continue to be commemorated annually.

Each year, the winner is honored by having his or her name inscribed on the trophy which is donated by the Long Beach Island Jewish Community Center.

The winner of the first race with a time of 1:37:00 was Moses Mayfield of the Penn Athletic Club. Ex-Rutgers star, Bill Seiben from Rahway, currently holds the record at 1:32:32 (since 1979).

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