KidzTri3 South Jersey Triathlon

Sunday, Aug 19, 2018 at 7:30am


All our events take place on a specifically designed closed course, which means there is no vehicular traffic permitted during the event, so your kidz are always safe.  Nothing is more important than the safety of your athlete. Any time you have a bunch of kids together there is bound to be a scraped knee or elbow, but we have gone to great lengths to make this as safe a course as possible.


We’ve designed the KidzTri3 South Jersey Triathlon race course to align with USA Triathlon Youth National Course Distances, so kidz can challenge themselves. Usually by this time of year, your kidz have been swimming, biking and running a lot throughout the summer, so no worries parents, your kidz can certainly do these distances…they already have around the neighborhood!

Athletes will have a real treat swimming in this beautiful indoor 50 meter Olympic pool, where many elite swimmers from across the country have swam before! Each athlete will enter the water one-by-one in a time trial start, approximately every 15 seconds, by age group.  You will be able to cheer on your athlete during the entire swim from the grand stands area!

Athletes will exit the pool and run a brief distance to the Transition Area. Transitioning to the bike course, athletes will bike through flat campus roads, which will be closed to vehicular traffic. Families and fans will be able to see their athletes as they pass the transition area for multiple loops on the bike course.

After athletes complete the bike course, they will enter Transition to re-rack their bikes and exit onto the run course. The run course weaves its way through the campus and back to the cheers of adoring fans and great music as you hear your athlete’s name announced as they cross the finish line!

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