For The Love Of Gracie 5K

Saturday, Apr 21, 2018

  (360) 739-1429


This family-friendly 5K will start and end at Thornton Sullivan Park We'll line up based on expected pace with our speedy runners up front and our walkers and strollers towards the back.

The route starts with a gentle uphill to get you out of the park.  You'll have a fun downhill with a bit of climb back up within the first .5 mile then the route evens out and is generally flat as you travel around Silver Lake.  After looping through Hauge Homestead Park you'll retrace your steps back to Silver Lake Park with a fast downhill to the Finish Line.

You'll be running on a combination of sidewalks, coned running lanes and both gravel and paved paths.  There will be a water station and restrooms at 1.5 miles.

Because of course limitations only SINGLE strollers are allowed on the route.

Pets are NOT allowed in Silver Lake Park.  Due to insurance restrictions pets are also not allowed on the route.  

Sunshine Productions encourages you to limit your running music to one earbud at a reasonable volume to make it easier for you to remain aware of your surroundings during the race.  Your safety is our number one priority and this is not a closed course

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