Annual TriZou Triathlon

Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 7:00am


The 18th annual TriZou Triathlon was the very first Ultramax event. Trizou has now grown into one of, if not the largest, pool swim triathlons in the nation. It is certainly one of the most popular early-season triathlons in the region. Over the years, several USAT National Champions and hundreds of USA Triathlon All-Americans have raced in the special elite field.

This annual sprint triathlon is the perfect triathlon for those wanting to get started in the sport. The event is staged on the University of Missouri campus. Triathlon venues just don’t get any better than this! The event features the very popular time trial pool start in that amazing state-of-the-art MU competition pool. The DuZou Duathlon and SuperSprint were added to introduce the beginner athlete to the world of multi-sport.  This is the perfect way to introduce someone to the sport!


5:00AM-6:45AM - Packet Pickup & Late Registration

5:00AM - Transition Area & Body Marking Open

6:15AM - Pool Open for Warm-Ups

6:50AM - Transition Area Closes

7:00AM - TriZou Triathlon Elite Wave Start

7:30AM - TriZou Triathlon Age Group Start

7:30AM - DuZou Duathlon Start

8:30AM - Post Race Smoothies and Food

11:00AM - Award Ceremony

12:30PM - Race Course Closes



The popular indoor swim is held in the competition pool at the MU Student Recreation Complex (8 x 50-meter laps).

“Snake-Style” Swim – Swimmers will start individually, swimming one behind the other. You will do “laps” to the end of the pool (swim to the end of one lane, duck under the ropes and swim to the end of that lane, duck under the ropes, and so on).

Swimmers will line up according to swim time. Please time yourself at 400 Meters before the race so that you can estimate an accurate time. If you estimate your time too fast or too slow, it will hurt your overall time and the others around you. Your best time will come if you do not pass or get passed. We reserve the right to remove athletes from the pool and re-start them if needed.

If you must pass, simply tap the toes of the person in front of you. If your toes are tapped, move to the side and let the person through.

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Open Course – Please be aware that the course will be open to traffic, with cones separating cyclists from motorists when possible. For your safety, please stay inside the coned lanes when available.

The course does feature some technical-type turns and a few hills, so throw a decent hill or two into your training.

Arrows, signs, law enforcement, and volunteers will help you throughout the course.

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Paved course running through portions of the MU Campus and the surrounding areas.

The Duathlon and SuperSprint run course will follow the same route as the Sprint, only athletes will turn around approximately 0.5 miles out. There will be a turnaround point on the course that will be clearly marked with signs and volunteers.

Arrows, signs, law enforcement, and volunteers will help you maneuver throughout the course.

Aid stations will be located at each mile and will include, at the minimum, HEED, water, ice, and Hammer Gels.

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