Annual MSMS Bull Rush

Friday, May 4, 2018 at 11:00am


The 4th annual MSMS Bull Rush will be held on the Maize South Campus. 7th/8th grade students qualify for this fun and challenging race through our required fitness class by meeting or exceeding certain criteria directly tied into our fitness testing scores. At that point, each racer will be put into one of three heats based on their scores. The race information and criteria can be seen by clicking on any of the buttons below.

The MSMS Bull Rush is a 5k obstacle course testing the patience, strength and endurance of each racer. The course contains 26 obstacles strategically placed throughout the course. This race will be ran on the campus of Maize South Middle School and serves as a fundraiser for the MSMS Physical Education department. For more information on the race, check out the MSMS PE

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