Wesley’s Grace 5K for Adoption

Saturday, Oct 27, 2018 from 8:00am to 12:00pm


A family friendly 5k designed to celebrate, bring awareness to, and support the adoption process. COST is the number one reason families do not adopt. 30% of families in the U.S have considered adoption but 70% of that number are unable to follow through due to the financial burden. Adoptions can cost up to $50,000 per child. Founded by Amy and Todd Schulze, Wesley’s Grace (named after their adopted daughter) is a grassroots movement that encourages all to start a conversation, share their journey, and will provide financial assistance for those families that have it in their hearts to adopt. Race proceeds will go to our race beneficiary Adopt Together- a non profit crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between families that want to adopt and children that need a loving home. Adopt Together believes in a family for every child. Click on the link to read more about their mission and ways they are making an impact.

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