Tough Mudder 5k Las Vegas

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 at 7:00am

2030 Lake Las Vegas Parkway

A New Breed of 5K
We’re slangin’ mud and hittin’ the slots at Tough Mudder 5K Las Vegas in 2018. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Tough Mudder 5K? Well then listen up, Mudder, because we’re about to learn you something epic. Tough Mudder 5K Las Vegas ain’t your grandpa’s fun run. This wild 5K mud run is made for Mudders lookin’ to let loose and get down. And the course at Lake Las Vegas is so awesome, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for doin’ both. It might be rocky and a bit on the dry side, but there’s no getting away without getting at least a little (or a lot) wet. And besides, it’s not the best weekend of the season (and the best season of your life) if you’re not soaked through and smiling afterwards.

3 Miles, 10 Iconic Tough Mudder Obstacles
This ain’t your average fun run. Tough Mudder 5K Las Vegas is 3 miles and 10 best-in-class obstacles worth of teamwork, tough, and wild fun. The course is ready. Are you?

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