Rip Roar Kids Triathlon

Saturday, Jun 30, 2018 at 8:00am

341 Stoney Point Road North West


The Swim:
Our Cedar Rapids swim takes place at the Cherry Hill Aquatic Center. While the pool does feature a 50 meter option, athletes will swim in 25 meter lanes. A pool swim is the perfect opportunity for youth new to the sport that may have hesitations about open water swimming to gain confidence with multiple lifeguards in the water and lane ropes at their side. Seniors will complete 8 lengths, Intermediates 4 lengths and Junior a simple down and back.

The Bike:
The bike course consists of two parts: the stretch of "driveway" leading from transition to Stoney Pointe Rd, and loops on Stoney Pointe Rd itself. All roads are clear of vehicular traffic for athlete safety. Seniors will complete three loops on Stoney Pointe Rd before re-entering the park while intermediates will complete 2 laps on Stoney Pointe Rd. Juniors will complete a single "full" loop.  Each loop consists of two hills, one on each side of the course. Spectators often line Stoney Point Rd by the Park entrance.   

The Run:
The run course stays wholly within the Cherry Hill Park and takes place mostly on the parks crushed gravel path. Seniors will complete 2 laps of 1 mile each. Intermediates will complete 1 loop and Juniors will take on an amended path. Each lap jaunts briefly off-piste to incorporate a lap around the parks tall wild grasses and cat tails making a great photo opportunity for families near to the finish line. 

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