Naked Bavarian 20M/40M

Naked Bavarian 20M/40M

Saturday, Feb 29, 2020 at 8:00am

1420 Palisades Dr Leesport, PA 19533

Trail running and ultra running is growing fast. As races start to sell out across the country, entry fees for these races seem to go up almost as fast as we have seen the last couple of years in the road running scene. Some bigger ultra trail runs are now owned and operated by bigger for profit corporations and fees for these races are now hundreds of dollars.Running some of these big name destination races might be cool, but it is something most of us can only afford once or twice a year. Many trail-runner do enjoy racing often throughout the year.So where can you race the rest of the year, preferable locally and for little money? The Naked Nick is a great option to run/race locally for a very low entry fee. This is only possible because we chose a location that does not slap us with big permit fees (please consider a donation to support Blue Marsh Lake), we don't give you expensive swag ( hence the Naked Nick) because most of you don't need another race shirt or a flashy 3 pound medal (we will give a little finisher memento)and we are not hiring some aging rockband to entertain you along the course .

The Naked Bavarian takes place on the trails around Blue Marsh Lake. These trails are not very rocky or difficult but are true single track trails that require some attention.These trails are great for beginners and the speedy runners alike. The rolling elevation of the trails will keep everybody occupied.The course is not flat or supereasy but is doable for most with proper training. Join us to start the new trail running season.


Along the trails of Blue Marsh Lake. This course will be on the north side of the lake.Basic course is a lollipoop. 6.5 Miles out, 7 Mile loop and 6.5 Miles back. 40 Mile runners do it twice ( access to your dropbag at mile 20).

Mix of single track trail 80% and gravel gravel roads 20%.

The trails are not considered difficult by trail running standards, are very runnable but there will be the occasional rock or root.However this time a year the trails might either be snow covered,icy or muddy which will increase difficulty quite a bit.