Kirkwood Rotary Ramble

Saturday, Sep 22, 2018 at 7:30am


The Kirkwood Greentree Rotary Ramble is a charitable 5k/10k run/walk through the streets of Kirkwood. The proceeds of the race benefit local Kirkwood charities which vary from year to year. The race is certified and administered through Big River Running, and takes place every year the weekend before the Greentree Festival. Every year we change the race theme to match the Greentree Festival’s, and we encourage participants to dress up!

Fun Run:

The Fun Run is a short race that take place about 1 hour after the general race and is for children ages 10 and under. The children start at the general race starting line, run around the block twice, and finish at the big finish line. We do a group warm-up before the race, and we hand out prizes for the best dressed kid at this time (this year’s theme is Rock ‘n Roll).

Parents may run with their child for free, but depending upon their child’s age, many parents choose to cheer from the sidewalk on Geyer Road and then meet their child at the finish line.

Adult volunteers are posted at every corner to guide the children, and there are signs directing them through the course. A police officer stops traffic and oversees their crossing of Geyer Road at both intersections.


- 6:30 am Day of Race Registration Opens
- 7:15 am 5k/10k Race Welcome
- 7:30 am Race Start for 5k/10k
- 8:15 am Fun Run Welcome & Warm-Up
- 8:30 am Fun Run Start


Click Here For 5k/10k Course Map

Click Here For Fun Run Course Map


Prizes will be awarded in the 10K & the 5K runs to the top male and top female overall winners. These awards are handed out immediately after the race.
Every child who runs in the Fun Run receives a medal upon completion.


5k/10k Pre-Registered:  $30.00
5k/10k Day of Race Registration: $35.00
School Challenge Pre-Registered:  $10.00
School Challenge Day of Race Registration: $12.00
Pre-Registration closes the night of Wednesday, September 19.
There is a credit card processing fee if you pre-register online, or you may pre-register by mail at no charge until September 10th.

Fun Run:
Elementary School aged children (K-5) race in the Fun Run as part of the School Challenge. Their fees are $10 for pre-registration and $12 for the day of the race. Each pre-registered student will receive a t-shirt, and a medal if they complete the race.

If your child is in pre-school, your child may run in the Fun Run for free. There is no pre-registration, simply appear on the morning of the race and fill out a waiver. You must accompany your pre-school aged child on the route. Pre-schoolers will not receive a t-shirt, but they will receive a medal if they complete the course.

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