Family Fitness Day Obstacle Dash,5k,10k,15k,Kids Run

Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 at 10:00am

6310 NorthEast 74th Street

Fitness events are even better when shared with family and friends so make sure to round up the whole family or invite that friend who will help you cross the finish line. We have all events lined up plus our obstacle dash option. Same course but added challenge! The obstacles are for all ability levels.

Course Information:
Obstacle Fun Run
Come out to  Magnuson Park and run, jump, climb and crawl to the finish! We will have over 8 obstacles on a ~5k course. The course is for all ability levels and many obstacles have a beginner and advanced options. Our next obstacle race will be on Sept. 29th for our Family Fitness Day event.

The course is a 5k loop that takes you through all the main attractions of Magnuson Park. For the longer distances you simply run the course two or three times. As you approach the finish line there are two lanes a passing lane for those continuing on to a longer distance and a finish lane where you finish and a bib collector will take the bottom tag off your bib. Please have your bib visible at the finish.  The course is open to the public and some areas may have pedestrian traffic so please be courteous of other trail users. We start taking down the course after 2 hours, if you need more time we have an early start option at each race. You can start the race 1 hour early at any of our events. The course will be all set up and we will have the start line staffed so just let us know you are starting early when you get to the start line.

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