Bigfoot's Legend

Bigfoot's Legend

Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 at 8:00am


There are three races for Bigfoot's Legend: 5k, 20k, & Last Man Standing.

Last Man Standing will require runners to complete the 5k loop in less than an hour every hour for 30 hours. At the top of every hour runners will line up at the start line and run the 5k loop. The race will continue in this format till we reach 30 hours or there is one man(woman) left standing. If a runner can not complete the 5k loop within the hour then the race is over for them. When you finish your loop, sit back and relax in the heated dining hall, around a fire, or one of the cabins available for rent!

You can go as fast or slow as you want for each loop, but remember this event isn't about who finishes first.. but who is left standing. The only time we would use a runners loop time is if there is more than one runner left in the last hour of the 30 hours. In this instance the winner would be the runner who finished the lap the quickest.

Camp Galilee has several great cabins availble for rent! Contact them at: 417-876-7490                                                                          But act quick, before they are all gone!
Runners will enjoy the warmth of the camp dining hall after they finish their loop as they wait for the next hour to start. Where we will have a variety aid and food avilable to keep you fueled.

All runners will recieve a shirt, longer distances will get a pull over. Finishers all receive finisher awards. There will also be a variety of other awards given at the race. First place finishers, Dead Last Finisher(25k), special Bigfoot awards, and more!

The 5k loop is a challenging but beautiful scenic trek through the camp's 250 acre property. Hill, creeks, lake, woods, and fields!

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