Big Hurt

Saturday, Sep 22, 2018


On Saturday, Sept. 22, the Big Hurt returns! A four-leg test of endurance, strength and tenacity intertwined with the beauty of the North Olympic Peninsula. From the foothills of the Olympic Mountains to the shores of the Strait of Juan de ****, Relay Teams and individuals in the Iron Division gather from far and wide to explore Port Angeles in Washington State and its incredible surroundings via bike, kayak and foot.

Participants begin on mountain bikes and ride 16.5 miles on logging roads, single-track trails and pavement before reaching the Waterfront Park in downtown Port Angeles. From the beach, participants’ kayak 3 miles, embark on a 30-mile road bike journey and endure a 10-kilometer run along one of the jewels of the area, the scenic Olympic Discovery Trail. Register today to embark on this beauty and beast challenge!

Course Information:    
Leg 1:Mountain Bike:
16 miles of logging road, single-track trail and a paved road to the transition road at Waterfront Park.
Leg 2: Kayak
3-mile race at the Port Angeles harbor in the Juan de **** Strait.
Leg 3: Road Bike
The 30-mile course starts at West End Park toward Clallam County's scenic Freshwater Bay and Elwha River Road.
Leg 4: 10K Run
The final leg starts at West End Park in Port Angeles and is a 10K run on the paved Olympic Discovery Trail.

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