Annual Passion For Life 5k Run/Walk And 5 Mile Run

Saturday, Mar 24, 2018 at 10:00am


We are proud to announce that Matthew Horn has been selected as our 2018 Inspirational Family! Matthew is a one and a half year old little boy from West Bloomfield, MI.  Matthew does not have one full diagnoses, but the doctors are saying he has Airway Malacia, a Congenital Disorder of the Respiratory System, along with Sleep Apnea. Airway Malacia is a broad term to encompass many diagnoses all resulting in the collapsing of the airway. There are more specific diagnoses of malacia that are encompassed by Airway Malacia, such as, Tracheomalacia (TM), Laryngomalacia (LM), Tracheobronchomalacia (TBM), and Bronchomalacia (BM). All of which specify where the weakening of the airway exists. Airway malacia has been considered to be a major cause for repeated or persistent gasping, chronic cough, and repeated respiratory tract infection in pediatrics. Matthew has since been diagnosed specifically with Tracheomalacia (TM) and Laryngomalacia (LM). According to Children’s Hospital, only 1% of children have severe Laryngomalacia. Most cases of severe laryngomalacia, require surgery - Matthew, required two. During each breath Matthew takes, his airway is completely collapsing in on itself. Matthew can only have food that is made in a honey or pudding like consistency to prevent him from aspirating.

Through several surgeries, hospitalizations and doctors visits, Matthew is still a happy and fun loving little boy who enjoys smiling, laughing and playing hide-and-seek with his brothers. He especially loves music and loves to dance! His perseverance and positive attitude are all reasons why we are elated to welcome the Horn family to be our inspiration for the 11th Annual Passion for Life 5k Run/Walk & 5 Mile Run!